Introduction to the Blog

First let me introduce myself, Donald F. Mescia III, I am a Cum Laude graduate from the University of South Carolina Beaufort in Sociology, and High Distinction graduate from Liberty University in Criminal Justice and Public Administration. Through my time as a college student I have worked as a bail bondsman through a company my father started 28 years ago. I have grown up in this industry, received my bail license at 18, and like to say my 6 years of college also served as an internship in the bail bond industry. I have started this blog to inform the public about the little known bail bond industry; especially as it is concerned with the state of South Carolina, and more importantly on the local scale of Charleston, SC. In my experience many of those in the criminal justice community do not fully understand the service a bail bondsman provides to local agencies, state agencies, federal agencies, and the general public. Through my education, in criminal justice, I have seen first hand how the bail bond industry is taught. As criminal justice students we are taught that bail bonds companies take 10% of an aggregate bail amount set by a magistrate judge in order to secure the release of a defendant from custody pending trial. This was the full extent of the teachings throughout my collegiate career. Through first hand experience I can guarantee that this industry spans far and wide from this watered down explanation of an entire industry. Therefore, I have created this blog to explore the depths of this industry in order to provide the public with a greater understanding of the entire bail bond industry.


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